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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello Sun!

Breakfast: some mexican cherry tomatoes leftover from making past salad last night.. a lot of them actually had weird white marks on it.. that made them look like it's sick..so I threw them away and only had a third of these.
My friend bought me lunch :) I had one of these fresh vietnamese rolls that has shirimps in it. Ahh..this is probably one of my favorite food. I love it!
Special pho. I didn't like pho at all when I was living in Korea, but now I just love this thing so much. It actually tastes so much better when it's cooked by actual Vietnamese person. umm...DUH?!
Ta-da! NEW VITAMINE WATER FLAVOR "CONNECT!" but actually I wasn't huge fan of it.. and I don't like the fact that vitamin water has caffeine. I think vitamin water is great because it can refresh and energize me without having to use caffeine. Apparently only "Energy" and "connect" are only flavors that provide caffeine. meh, I won't have problem avoiding that.
Some pretty candys I had before work..I'm actually glad I had this before work. because I was SO HUNGRY at work. I can't imagine how I could've dealt with it without having these sugar in my blood. Oh, I started reading this book today. Hopefully I can start reading Nausea by Sartre after this.. but I really don't have time to read that is not textbook/psych article/GRE related book. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH but I wanted to read nausea from when I was 10 :'( why I could've never picked it up? this is stupid..but I was scared of the title.....................................-_-
candies under the sun.
Dinner: I made some vegetable chilli...:)
and made a chilli cheese dog and ate it with my pasta salad from last night. AHH!!! I love this pasta salad dressing.. it has mustard+sugar+mayo+white wine vinegar. PURE JOY.
Little later hat I had five pieces of wendys of chicken nugget..without sauce.
and a cup of twisted oreo frosty.

The weather was just perfect today. It was sunny with slightly chilli wind, and I got to wore my pretty navy mini skirt that had red and white flowers all over. yay :) I actually had a very busy day, but it all was ok because it was SO BEAUTIFUL out. I love spring. it's my favorite season. Korea's spring can be dreadful because of all the "Hwang sa ("Asian dust")" coming from china. It is nasty nasty sand storm that ruins all the beauty of the spring. And Korea also has about two weeks of cold weather during spring, which is called "kkot saem chuwi." This means the coldness jealous of flower, which actually often freezes all the early bloomed flowers. What is your favorite season? I've actually come to enjoy and love every seasons, but my very favorite ever since my childhood was always always spring. :)

Hope you're having wonderful spring days!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a productive day comes with pain..?

Brunch: This was heavy and spicy brunch. I didn't really have good feelings about it, but I'm the one who woke up late and let my lunch become breakfast... So I thought I deserved it. And I actually did not complain becuase I don't get to go to this restaurant very often, and this place taste GREAT. Plus, it was free! My friend paid for lunch since I helped him out a little. :) a cup of turkey chilli and a dollop of sour creammm :]
Spinach+mushroom+shirimp quesadilla. This is my favorite quesadilla in this restaurant. They put portobello mushroom in it and it tastes completely delightful.
Dinner: bacon carbonara pasta. I put A LOT of garlic and a whole red onion in this.. Unless I won't be able to tolerate the thick fatty cream sauce. I think the sauce actually tastes better to me when it has a lot of crispy+fresh flavors in it. I also wanted to put big slices of tomatoes in it, but I didn't have one in the fridge. I had my bf cook right portion of pasta for two of us but he ended up accidently throwing the whole bag of pasta in the pot........................-_-

So I made some pasta salad! They are getting some beauty sleep in my fridge right now.. I can't wait to eat them tomorrow!


p.s: Oh, do you watch Lost? I just wanted to comment that today's Lost episode had a lot of Korean, and it was actually funny to see Sun saying BABO 바보 (idiot) really loud during the show. Whoever wrote the script, I think babo is too benign to express that much frustration and anger...haha

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm tired.

Breakfast after Japanese class: a cup of chicken noodle soup, and a massive salad from salad bar on campus. I ate those fruit mix+cottage cheese later in the afternoon for a snack.
Japanese gummies from my friend. They were delightful! I actually don't know what falvor that was... I hated that Daim chocolate. ewww sticky caramel.
A cup of nutty hot tea. This is a kind of traditional korean tea, called Yulmu tea. Yulmu tea is an adlay tea, and this has extra chopped almonds, walnuts, and jujubes. Yummmm This is the best thing to drink when it's cold out and you're hungry. :)
Dinner at lab meeting. We had a surprise party for the professor's tenure. yay! It's always very inspring to see someone who works very hard receiving appripriate reward. I had some guacamole, black bean salad, fried rice, and a slice of sausage pizza.

Vignette blur (03/28/2010)

Rainy sunday breakfast: a grapefruit and a bowl of yogurt+frozen strawberries+granola mix.
I actually didn't eat most of those yogurt mix. and only ate a half of grapefruit.
I went to mall to get some moisturizer and such. and I had to get a pretzel pocket filled w/ pepperonis. It actually didn't have that much of conent inside. I love philly pretzel factory wayyyyy better.
And I made some guacamole dip for dinner..

And put it in my hotdog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was experimental, but hell yeah it was successful. :)

I also had a huge bottle of vitamin water through out the day. (rescue)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday is my favorite.

Saturday. I woke up to go to 5K walk for the Out of the Darkness Community walk. Many people who does volunteer work with me were going, and I was all about mental health/suicide prevention.. so I went. even though I'm not much of a woot community!! kind of person. I'm glad I went for a walk actually. It's a good exercise, and you feel good if it's for a good cause. It's just walking, but you're letting people know that there are these sad things in the world and some people caring about it. and trying hard to help it out. I think it's important to be involved in things like that.

Right before the walk I had a bowl of corn flake with vanilla soy milk. And a strawberry yogurt.

My friend brought her tiny little puppy to the walk. Look how cute these dogs are!!!! I think it's so funny when all the dogs actually love to say hi to each other. When dogs see other dogs, they HAVE TO stop and sniff each other! Humans don't do that. Humans just take other humans for granted. we just pass each other by like other people are some kind of buildings or trees. so I thought it's so cute of thse dogs to acknowledge other dogs like that.This lil' pup ran 5K tirelessly, and made it to the finish line in about an hour!!!!!! I had to take a picture of her sitting in front of the Finish Line flag. LOVE IT.

Meet this beautiful kitty Stella. After the walk, we went to my friend's place to get a drink then we all went to a bar to get some lunch and drink. I fell in love with her pretty cat Stella, who was very shy and teasy. She apparently doesn't avoid my bf! (she avoided me :( )
Stella finally let me take a picture of her :) But I think she only allowed because I was next to my boyfriend.
Spicy chipotle burger I had for lunch! I had it with some very greasy fries....
a glass of blue moon. I actually kinda drank all day today. But there was quite a long interval between all those drinks so I didn't get drunk at all. I had two bottles of beer, and a glass of blue moon, and a glass of coke+vodka today. AHH..a lot of calories!!!
This is what I cooked for dinner. Very overwhelmed these days, I was actually crying when I was making this. But cooking is so therapeutic. I got so soothed by looking at thinly sliced pretty onions getting cooked with chubby udon noodles. I love cooking. Especially cooking asian food comes very natural to me. I get pretty stressed out when I try to create western food.. like lasgana (sp?), and get very uptight about the result. But cooking asian food definately comes very natural to me, I don't even need recipe for a lot of them. I just picture a mental image of my mom cooking it, then my hands just do it all. Like it's so easy. I don't have to measure anything to tee, and I can always fix it good if I don't like the result. Oh I can also laugh at it if it's terrible. I think that's what heritage is. Something that's inside of you, so naturally. And something that can heal you and comfort you so instantly.

So this dish... is I would call it very Koreanized yakiudon? It's just simple stirfried udon noodle with kimchi and chicken. If you like spicy food, you should try it.

It's actually extremely easy so you won't need a recipe, but I'll write one just for the convenience.

what you'll need: a small onion, soy sauce, oil, udon noodles, some protein ( ANYTHING works. tuna, chicken, egg, beef, literally ANYTHING. Maybe lamb won't go with it because of its distinct smell.. but you can always work with smell.), and any vegetables that you love, and some kimchi.

put a tablespoon of olive oil on a pan, and grill some onions until they become transparent. Then put as much kimchi as you like, and add the protein. (If you want to put an egg in this dish, don't put the egg yet. egg should go at the end, because it gets cooked so fast.) If your food starts to smell delightful and you see that chicken is half or a little more than half cooked, put udon noodles. Now you just have to cook it while everything is thoroughly cooked. EASY?! I would put a little bit of kimchi juice you get from kimchi so it'll have more flavor. If you don't like that, you can put a little bit of gochujang (hot pepper paste from Korea). I love spicy food, so I would put a whole spoon of it.. but I think half a spoon will be good . And add a flavor by putting 1 and a half spoons of soy sauce. If you wanna put an egg in your fried noodle, you can crack it in when you're almost done with cooking the dish. Is this ambiguous? well, I don't care. email me if you need help. or just forget the egg. it's still good without it. oh and putting some sprouts is always a good idea when you're making stir fried noodles.

After you're done cooking, you can sprinkle some seaweed mix or some sesame to garnish it, and to add a little flavor.

If you don't like spicy foods, try to make the flavor of fried noodle with oyster sauce. oyster sauce has very very strong taste. I'd say you should put only a spoon when you're making fried noodle for one person.. and you're supposed to mix it with something..sugar? I don't know email me if you need help.

bottomline. try stir fried udon sometimes. It tastes good. Even if you ruin it. sorry about ambiguos recipe. :b
Desert: some of those Java chip frappucino ice cream and 초코송이. it's one of my favorite snacks from childhood..I got it from Korean store on the way back from this awkward party I went to.

How was your saturday? Mine was full of happy moments and sad moments. but it's all good. Because I started to figure out that feeling sadness actually helps me reduce some sad emotion that is stressing me out. Not feeling sadness even though you have sadness in your heart. THAT is very bad for you.

my bf is kind enough to cry with me to cleanse my heart. and my heart feel wayy lighter right now. :)

I hope you had a good saturday. Good night!

Shitty Friday (03/26/2010)

Foot long subway at work...This was my breakfast+lunch+dinner. I worked from 3-9 on Friday. WHAT A SHITTY FRIDAY!!!!

After work I binge ate to cope with negative emotion. (bad idea). Some barbeque chicken pizza with gouda cheese on top, +nugetts and fries with habanera sauce. I wonder if I binge eat junk food because subconsciously I wanna hurt myself. I mean, this is self-destructive behavior, because I'm fully aware that junk food is bad for me. so I'm thinking.. the reason I'm craving for junk food is because I have this subconscious urge to do something harmful to myself. do you get it? ....
I get so annoyed from my volunteer work these days. I think I'm too bitter to help people these days. People are mostly rude and unappreciative. i really haven't heard genuine "Thank you." for very very long time. Can you believe some people call crisis hotline to jerk off? I'm totally losing my spirit.

oh, and this friday was even worse because I slept through my organic chemistry lesson. I made my tutor come out on Friday even though we don't usually meet on friday. how stupid is that? She hurried herself from the class to teach me something, and I blew it off. I apologized to her many many times on the phone, but she didn't even seem like she wanted to hear that.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

바게트 샌드위치

Started my day with a wake up call- my professor sent me an email to check up on me because I have been skipping work. I told him that i was sick, but I honestly feel bad that i've told him that i'm sick and I need to rest way more than other people in the lab. It is true that i'm sick. But I also wanna work just like any others. I don't think I have too much on my hand. I really think i'm jut being a whiny bitch.

And I need to make myself work harder, and that means harder than perfectly healthy people.

I had a strawberry yogurt light and fit for breakfast. And a bottle of chocolate milk after work...which is 6 pm. I went to see my ochem tutor..and had a depressing lesson, and made a little baguette sandwich to cheer myself up. I like making sandwich with good baguette. This probably is my favorite kind of bread.

I had red onions, green leaf lettuce, turkey+ham, provolone cheese, olive oil+white wine vinegar. Oh and some Italian seasoning. I gave half to my bf.
Then I had a spicy noodle called champong. I completely forgot about taking picture. :b and I had an avocado at night with half a glass of aloe drink.

So....what do you do to motivate yourself even though you are hating the fact that you are always somewhere around 82% and not 150% and so much more? Bottomline, how do you whip yourself to be a workholic ironman/woman?
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The last candle is about to burn out (03/24/2010)

My Lunch: I had an avocado with soy sauce and cherry tomatoes+celery with poppy seed dressing. They are all my favorite things! :)
Dinner: I was extremely lazy, so I ate a microwavable white rice and spicy tuna in can. The tuna is actually Korean. Korean likes to eat tuna can in many different flavor. The most popular kind is of course the spicy one flavored with red pepper. When I was little, a can of flavored tuna was always a good answer to busy moms for kids' lunch box. I always envyed it, but my mom never wanted to get me a can of pre cooked cheap food for my lunch box. She hates all the artificial flavor and preservatives, and it was a huge treat for my brother and I if she let us eat ramen noodle once in a while. As we get grow up and she gets busier, she did let us eat some frozen food and junk food, but she still hissed like a mad cat while she was getting us those food. I used to wish my mom would give me same food as other kids, but now I really like the fact that I grew up without that kind of food. My skin is beautiful even if I don't take flawless care of it, (actually I did a lot of terrible things to my skin.) and I believe there is a reason for it. Thanks mom :)
My friend got me some of these sweet chips from Korea. So I had some of these after lunch.

Dinner was chicken caesar salad from wegmans.

I ate very little compared to how much I usually eat. For some reason I was low on appetite and was craving for cold fresh crisp veges all day.

veges veges vegesss...my body is probably excited for spring!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get out while you can (03/23/2010)

This..was what I made for breakfast. Corn flake w/ vanilla soy milk. However, I didn't feel like eating any and started to feel pain in my stomach after a bite. On top of that, I somehow knocked this bowl and spilled it all on the carpet. grrr... So I didn't eat any of this.
This was my breakfast/lunch/dinner. a bowl of white rice and beijing beef from panda express, and some stuff from salad bar. (potato salad, tomato slices, a hard boiled egg, black olives, sweet peas, sliced hams, shredded carrots).

I had some peopproni+cheese pizza while I was watching Lost at work.
I forgot about this. I had this right before work. Some spinach raviolli with marinara sauce and parmasean cheese.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Party Down

Although I feel very very tired these days, I can't really fall asleep at the right time. I toss+turn+grunt+sigh+moan until after 5 am..(but I lie down and close my eyes at 1 am.) then fall alseep until 11 am the latest. Weekend worked good with this condition because I can sleep at least till 1 pm. But today was yucky yucky rainy monday and I woke up feeling cranky and tired.

UGH. Monday Sux.

so I woke up late, and had a bottle of vitamin water for breakfast on my way to Japanese class. Sugar+vitamine+water = works for me.

This is lunch I had at Panera. BBQ chicken salad + Brocolli cheddar soup + a piece of whole grain bread.
After organic chemistry and some test preparation at the library, I was craving tangy taste and crunchy texture to wake me up. So I mixed some fresh raspberries, vanilla yogurt, and granola mix. Then look who is holding my precious bowl of beauty! My bf took that bowl away from me as soon as I made it, and took my first bite.


eh, but I forgave him right away as soon as he made a cute face and said, "but I wanted to eat it." and I allowed him to eat as much as he wanted. I kinda had half of this bowl.

Then my bf made some mac and cheese later, and left some of it. So I ate that up.
Then I walked to DD with my bf and got small iced coffee with skim milk and sugar.. Although my stomach was torn by too much acid.. I needed caffeine to continue studying this evening. I have a Microbiology exam tomorrow. I actually like the material a lot, but the lecture is not that different from my professor's note. So I've been skipping classes, and studying for the test by myself-- and now I'm in big trouble. Unlike two tests before, this one is HARD. I mean, from what I read, it isn't that hard so far, but just a lot to consume in one night. This is why I should never procrastinate... but I have way too many things to do to avoid procrastination.


I won't be sleeping tonight.. wish me luck.

Back to the happy food story,
look what my bf made me while I was studying hard. Isn't this just beautiful? This tasted very Korean, surprisingly. (I'm pretty sure he used a lot of my korean ingredients.) It is spicy chicken stir fried with kimchi and cherry tomatoes. I had it with white rice and some green leaf lettuce.
This was dessert. Ricecake <3 href="http://web.me.com/marcolinad/Ted_Schulte/Welcome.html">
R.I.P. Ted.
If you click his photo, you will be directed to the website that celebrates his life. (http://web.me.com/marcolinad/Ted_Schulte/Welcome.html)

Looking at my boyfriend and this website, I realized that my bf is his grandfather's ultimate legacy. A young boy who looks very much like him, and who has very much of his personality.

And I decided to take a very good care of my boyfriend, even if we don't end up together. I think it is very important for both of us to know that we are not just one person, but a huge collection of our great ancestors.

Sound too Asian? Well, that's who I am. Deal with it.

So here is a question for anyone who read this post all the way down to here.

What do you thank the most to your parents and grandparents? Each of them?
What is the worst thing you've ever done to them?

If you can, tell them that you were sorry. That you were young and unaware. And let them know that you appreciate them. And take a good care of yourself. Because "you" are this being who is connected to EVERYONE who has led you to become you.

My best,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"No more talking." (03/21/2010)

I had a chicken burrito and sparkling grapefruit juice for brunch.. This was a heavy brunch. I couldn't really finish it. I only left a little though.
I had a glass of aloe drink, a cup of green tea, and a little bit of green tea ice cream throughout the evening. A lot of green stuff I'm eating today. :b
Very very late at night,... I had these sushi from wegmans for dinner.
And I had these edamames while I was watching new episodes of family guy. Ah, precious weekend is gone! and rainy+busy monday is going to eat me alive soon.... :'(