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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a productive day comes with pain..?

Brunch: This was heavy and spicy brunch. I didn't really have good feelings about it, but I'm the one who woke up late and let my lunch become breakfast... So I thought I deserved it. And I actually did not complain becuase I don't get to go to this restaurant very often, and this place taste GREAT. Plus, it was free! My friend paid for lunch since I helped him out a little. :) a cup of turkey chilli and a dollop of sour creammm :]
Spinach+mushroom+shirimp quesadilla. This is my favorite quesadilla in this restaurant. They put portobello mushroom in it and it tastes completely delightful.
Dinner: bacon carbonara pasta. I put A LOT of garlic and a whole red onion in this.. Unless I won't be able to tolerate the thick fatty cream sauce. I think the sauce actually tastes better to me when it has a lot of crispy+fresh flavors in it. I also wanted to put big slices of tomatoes in it, but I didn't have one in the fridge. I had my bf cook right portion of pasta for two of us but he ended up accidently throwing the whole bag of pasta in the pot........................-_-

So I made some pasta salad! They are getting some beauty sleep in my fridge right now.. I can't wait to eat them tomorrow!


p.s: Oh, do you watch Lost? I just wanted to comment that today's Lost episode had a lot of Korean, and it was actually funny to see Sun saying BABO 바보 (idiot) really loud during the show. Whoever wrote the script, I think babo is too benign to express that much frustration and anger...haha


  1. 밥 잘 먹어서 보기 좋아

  2. I normally don't watch 'Lost', but I watched last night's episode for some odd reason. I had no idea what was going on since I never watch the show...but it was somewhat entertaining to watch those actors try to speak Korean. Very comical!

  3. June: I totally agree!!!! I could not understand them without paying attention haha even the Korean actor seems to have hard time speaking Korean. Although he got so much better compared to first season.

    von: 히히.