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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello Sun!

Breakfast: some mexican cherry tomatoes leftover from making past salad last night.. a lot of them actually had weird white marks on it.. that made them look like it's sick..so I threw them away and only had a third of these.
My friend bought me lunch :) I had one of these fresh vietnamese rolls that has shirimps in it. Ahh..this is probably one of my favorite food. I love it!
Special pho. I didn't like pho at all when I was living in Korea, but now I just love this thing so much. It actually tastes so much better when it's cooked by actual Vietnamese person. umm...DUH?!
Ta-da! NEW VITAMINE WATER FLAVOR "CONNECT!" but actually I wasn't huge fan of it.. and I don't like the fact that vitamin water has caffeine. I think vitamin water is great because it can refresh and energize me without having to use caffeine. Apparently only "Energy" and "connect" are only flavors that provide caffeine. meh, I won't have problem avoiding that.
Some pretty candys I had before work..I'm actually glad I had this before work. because I was SO HUNGRY at work. I can't imagine how I could've dealt with it without having these sugar in my blood. Oh, I started reading this book today. Hopefully I can start reading Nausea by Sartre after this.. but I really don't have time to read that is not textbook/psych article/GRE related book. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH but I wanted to read nausea from when I was 10 :'( why I could've never picked it up? this is stupid..but I was scared of the title.....................................-_-
candies under the sun.
Dinner: I made some vegetable chilli...:)
and made a chilli cheese dog and ate it with my pasta salad from last night. AHH!!! I love this pasta salad dressing.. it has mustard+sugar+mayo+white wine vinegar. PURE JOY.
Little later hat I had five pieces of wendys of chicken nugget..without sauce.
and a cup of twisted oreo frosty.

The weather was just perfect today. It was sunny with slightly chilli wind, and I got to wore my pretty navy mini skirt that had red and white flowers all over. yay :) I actually had a very busy day, but it all was ok because it was SO BEAUTIFUL out. I love spring. it's my favorite season. Korea's spring can be dreadful because of all the "Hwang sa ("Asian dust")" coming from china. It is nasty nasty sand storm that ruins all the beauty of the spring. And Korea also has about two weeks of cold weather during spring, which is called "kkot saem chuwi." This means the coldness jealous of flower, which actually often freezes all the early bloomed flowers. What is your favorite season? I've actually come to enjoy and love every seasons, but my very favorite ever since my childhood was always always spring. :)

Hope you're having wonderful spring days!!!

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