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Monday, March 22, 2010

Party Down

Although I feel very very tired these days, I can't really fall asleep at the right time. I toss+turn+grunt+sigh+moan until after 5 am..(but I lie down and close my eyes at 1 am.) then fall alseep until 11 am the latest. Weekend worked good with this condition because I can sleep at least till 1 pm. But today was yucky yucky rainy monday and I woke up feeling cranky and tired.

UGH. Monday Sux.

so I woke up late, and had a bottle of vitamin water for breakfast on my way to Japanese class. Sugar+vitamine+water = works for me.

This is lunch I had at Panera. BBQ chicken salad + Brocolli cheddar soup + a piece of whole grain bread.
After organic chemistry and some test preparation at the library, I was craving tangy taste and crunchy texture to wake me up. So I mixed some fresh raspberries, vanilla yogurt, and granola mix. Then look who is holding my precious bowl of beauty! My bf took that bowl away from me as soon as I made it, and took my first bite.


eh, but I forgave him right away as soon as he made a cute face and said, "but I wanted to eat it." and I allowed him to eat as much as he wanted. I kinda had half of this bowl.

Then my bf made some mac and cheese later, and left some of it. So I ate that up.
Then I walked to DD with my bf and got small iced coffee with skim milk and sugar.. Although my stomach was torn by too much acid.. I needed caffeine to continue studying this evening. I have a Microbiology exam tomorrow. I actually like the material a lot, but the lecture is not that different from my professor's note. So I've been skipping classes, and studying for the test by myself-- and now I'm in big trouble. Unlike two tests before, this one is HARD. I mean, from what I read, it isn't that hard so far, but just a lot to consume in one night. This is why I should never procrastinate... but I have way too many things to do to avoid procrastination.


I won't be sleeping tonight.. wish me luck.

Back to the happy food story,
look what my bf made me while I was studying hard. Isn't this just beautiful? This tasted very Korean, surprisingly. (I'm pretty sure he used a lot of my korean ingredients.) It is spicy chicken stir fried with kimchi and cherry tomatoes. I had it with white rice and some green leaf lettuce.
This was dessert. Ricecake <3 href="http://web.me.com/marcolinad/Ted_Schulte/Welcome.html">
R.I.P. Ted.
If you click his photo, you will be directed to the website that celebrates his life. (http://web.me.com/marcolinad/Ted_Schulte/Welcome.html)

Looking at my boyfriend and this website, I realized that my bf is his grandfather's ultimate legacy. A young boy who looks very much like him, and who has very much of his personality.

And I decided to take a very good care of my boyfriend, even if we don't end up together. I think it is very important for both of us to know that we are not just one person, but a huge collection of our great ancestors.

Sound too Asian? Well, that's who I am. Deal with it.

So here is a question for anyone who read this post all the way down to here.

What do you thank the most to your parents and grandparents? Each of them?
What is the worst thing you've ever done to them?

If you can, tell them that you were sorry. That you were young and unaware. And let them know that you appreciate them. And take a good care of yourself. Because "you" are this being who is connected to EVERYONE who has led you to become you.

My best,


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  2. Sounds like a wonderful Asian spirit! What a beautiful way to look at your ancestors. Thank You<3denise

  3. Maybe you need to go to bed early/wake up early on wknds so that you don't have trouble falling asleep during wkday nights. But then again, you are in school...I never used to go to bed when I was in college. :-)

  4. I really wanna take your advice..but true. school doesn't let me go to bed early. :( I can't sleep early tonight because of homework and overnight shift at my volunteer work... :'(