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Friday, March 19, 2010

I can't sleep (03/18/2010)

I do have a picture of my breakfast and a snack at night, but they're not hat great and I can't post more than one picture with this app.

Breakfast: vanilla yogurt with apple+cranberry applesauce. YUCK! this was a bad choice of applesauce..I should have stuck to apricot+applesauce. I also had a glass of carrot+mango+orange juice.

Lunch: skipped. I woke up at three pm today.

Dinner: buffalo chicken cheesesteaks and fries. I also had 32oz of miller light.

I also had a big chocolate chunk cookie from starbucks after dinner.

Ah, I feel so wide awake. I want to fall asleep SO BAD. but my thoughts are just running wild and messing up my head.

I can't wait for sunny Saturday to come.
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  1. added your link to my page..hope you don't mind!

  2. NOT AT ALL!! I'm so glad I met someone Korean through this blog :)