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Friday, March 5, 2010


Breakfast of the first day I started this project. An orange, a delicious organic plum from my boyfriend's mom.. And organic vanilla yogurt with kashi granola mix with sunflower seeds, dry cranberries and such. I also put organic frozen fruit-mangos, berries, and bananas. I wish can have this much variety of fruit fresh in my fridge, but I don't.

Then I had a single shot soy vanilla lattee at some point. Ninjas on the coffee cup are not edible. They're toys. They like to stare at me on top of things..

Lunch- I had a ham and turkey sandwich w/ provolone cheese and fortune cookies from chinese restaurant last night.

Then I had an orange and gingerale.. and I had stir fried kimchi+tuna+tofu with white rice.

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