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Thursday, March 25, 2010

바게트 샌드위치

Started my day with a wake up call- my professor sent me an email to check up on me because I have been skipping work. I told him that i was sick, but I honestly feel bad that i've told him that i'm sick and I need to rest way more than other people in the lab. It is true that i'm sick. But I also wanna work just like any others. I don't think I have too much on my hand. I really think i'm jut being a whiny bitch.

And I need to make myself work harder, and that means harder than perfectly healthy people.

I had a strawberry yogurt light and fit for breakfast. And a bottle of chocolate milk after work...which is 6 pm. I went to see my ochem tutor..and had a depressing lesson, and made a little baguette sandwich to cheer myself up. I like making sandwich with good baguette. This probably is my favorite kind of bread.

I had red onions, green leaf lettuce, turkey+ham, provolone cheese, olive oil+white wine vinegar. Oh and some Italian seasoning. I gave half to my bf.
Then I had a spicy noodle called champong. I completely forgot about taking picture. :b and I had an avocado at night with half a glass of aloe drink.

So....what do you do to motivate yourself even though you are hating the fact that you are always somewhere around 82% and not 150% and so much more? Bottomline, how do you whip yourself to be a workholic ironman/woman?
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