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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday is my favorite.

Saturday. I woke up to go to 5K walk for the Out of the Darkness Community walk. Many people who does volunteer work with me were going, and I was all about mental health/suicide prevention.. so I went. even though I'm not much of a woot community!! kind of person. I'm glad I went for a walk actually. It's a good exercise, and you feel good if it's for a good cause. It's just walking, but you're letting people know that there are these sad things in the world and some people caring about it. and trying hard to help it out. I think it's important to be involved in things like that.

Right before the walk I had a bowl of corn flake with vanilla soy milk. And a strawberry yogurt.

My friend brought her tiny little puppy to the walk. Look how cute these dogs are!!!! I think it's so funny when all the dogs actually love to say hi to each other. When dogs see other dogs, they HAVE TO stop and sniff each other! Humans don't do that. Humans just take other humans for granted. we just pass each other by like other people are some kind of buildings or trees. so I thought it's so cute of thse dogs to acknowledge other dogs like that.This lil' pup ran 5K tirelessly, and made it to the finish line in about an hour!!!!!! I had to take a picture of her sitting in front of the Finish Line flag. LOVE IT.

Meet this beautiful kitty Stella. After the walk, we went to my friend's place to get a drink then we all went to a bar to get some lunch and drink. I fell in love with her pretty cat Stella, who was very shy and teasy. She apparently doesn't avoid my bf! (she avoided me :( )
Stella finally let me take a picture of her :) But I think she only allowed because I was next to my boyfriend.
Spicy chipotle burger I had for lunch! I had it with some very greasy fries....
a glass of blue moon. I actually kinda drank all day today. But there was quite a long interval between all those drinks so I didn't get drunk at all. I had two bottles of beer, and a glass of blue moon, and a glass of coke+vodka today. AHH..a lot of calories!!!
This is what I cooked for dinner. Very overwhelmed these days, I was actually crying when I was making this. But cooking is so therapeutic. I got so soothed by looking at thinly sliced pretty onions getting cooked with chubby udon noodles. I love cooking. Especially cooking asian food comes very natural to me. I get pretty stressed out when I try to create western food.. like lasgana (sp?), and get very uptight about the result. But cooking asian food definately comes very natural to me, I don't even need recipe for a lot of them. I just picture a mental image of my mom cooking it, then my hands just do it all. Like it's so easy. I don't have to measure anything to tee, and I can always fix it good if I don't like the result. Oh I can also laugh at it if it's terrible. I think that's what heritage is. Something that's inside of you, so naturally. And something that can heal you and comfort you so instantly.

So this dish... is I would call it very Koreanized yakiudon? It's just simple stirfried udon noodle with kimchi and chicken. If you like spicy food, you should try it.

It's actually extremely easy so you won't need a recipe, but I'll write one just for the convenience.

what you'll need: a small onion, soy sauce, oil, udon noodles, some protein ( ANYTHING works. tuna, chicken, egg, beef, literally ANYTHING. Maybe lamb won't go with it because of its distinct smell.. but you can always work with smell.), and any vegetables that you love, and some kimchi.

put a tablespoon of olive oil on a pan, and grill some onions until they become transparent. Then put as much kimchi as you like, and add the protein. (If you want to put an egg in this dish, don't put the egg yet. egg should go at the end, because it gets cooked so fast.) If your food starts to smell delightful and you see that chicken is half or a little more than half cooked, put udon noodles. Now you just have to cook it while everything is thoroughly cooked. EASY?! I would put a little bit of kimchi juice you get from kimchi so it'll have more flavor. If you don't like that, you can put a little bit of gochujang (hot pepper paste from Korea). I love spicy food, so I would put a whole spoon of it.. but I think half a spoon will be good . And add a flavor by putting 1 and a half spoons of soy sauce. If you wanna put an egg in your fried noodle, you can crack it in when you're almost done with cooking the dish. Is this ambiguous? well, I don't care. email me if you need help. or just forget the egg. it's still good without it. oh and putting some sprouts is always a good idea when you're making stir fried noodles.

After you're done cooking, you can sprinkle some seaweed mix or some sesame to garnish it, and to add a little flavor.

If you don't like spicy foods, try to make the flavor of fried noodle with oyster sauce. oyster sauce has very very strong taste. I'd say you should put only a spoon when you're making fried noodle for one person.. and you're supposed to mix it with something..sugar? I don't know email me if you need help.

bottomline. try stir fried udon sometimes. It tastes good. Even if you ruin it. sorry about ambiguos recipe. :b
Desert: some of those Java chip frappucino ice cream and 초코송이. it's one of my favorite snacks from childhood..I got it from Korean store on the way back from this awkward party I went to.

How was your saturday? Mine was full of happy moments and sad moments. but it's all good. Because I started to figure out that feeling sadness actually helps me reduce some sad emotion that is stressing me out. Not feeling sadness even though you have sadness in your heart. THAT is very bad for you.

my bf is kind enough to cry with me to cleanse my heart. and my heart feel wayy lighter right now. :)

I hope you had a good saturday. Good night!


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  2. Embrace the beauty of sadness. My friend once told me being sad is a good thing - it reminds you that you have feelings/emotions. :-)
    Spent most of my weekend with my dog and eating good Asian food. Good weekend.

  3. I agree. and I've noticed that my cortisol level goes wayyy down after I cry. It's better to cry. :)