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Sunday, March 21, 2010

SO impressed. (03/20/2010)

70 degrees, beautiful Saturday-- I woke up for a volunteer work. UGH. This probably isn't the best volunteerism, but I HATE working in dark sunless indoor when it's beautiful out. So my brunch was Haagen-Dazs strawberry on my way to work. SUCK IT HEALTH.
More of a real lunch after work. Barbecue chicken salad and a piece of whole grain bread with some lemonade at Panera.
Dinner was delievered food. I had some of these baguette with spinach artichoke dip. (I was craving for spinach so bad for some reason.)

And some delicious buffalo chicken pizza. (buffalo chicken, red onions, celery pieces) It seems like I finally found a pizza place in State College that my boyfriend likes! He's actually a picky eater... (Although he denies this everytime I say it..) I was proud of finally finding a good pizza place for him. :)

I also had some of vitamin water (sync) and a can of cherry coke, and a glass of carrot+mango+orange juice. Humm..including lemonade and ice cream, I did have a lot of sugary drink today. Better watch out.


  1. 뭔가...뭐랄까....너 정말....엄청나게 마신다 음료를...좋은건 아닌데..

  2. 매일그러는건 아닌데.. 이날은 정말 내가 생각해도 심하게 폭주했어;;;;