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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Brunch: croissant, nutella, soy vanilla latte.

Stole some of my bf's fries. :b

Snack: a piece of cadbury darkchoco.

Sweet&sour chicken+veggie fried rice for dinner. Also a bowl of sweet and sour soup. I think I crave for sugary junk food when I get stressed.

After dinner I had a jala, a cup of nighty night tea.

Ahhhh gre is Thursday. Somebody just somehow save me. :'(
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stupid stupid cherry peppers

Breakfast: a piece of cadburry dark chocolate.

Lunch: pizza with pepperonis, hot peppers, and sausages.

Now the dinner. It was a beautiful veggie pasta, made with juicy tomatoes, crisp green spinach, huge strong garlics and onions, some fresh parsley and basil, and TWO EFFING CHERRY PEPPERS.

Thin spaghetti was whole grain, and I topped with a piece of prosciutto and grated parmesan.

Now, this pasta tasted awesome but my hands soon started to burn from touching cherry peppers. Ahh!!!! I mean, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hands burnt for about six to seven hours, and my boyfriend and I put everything, EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, on my hands to somehow reduce the pain.

And one of them was this powdered tums. -_- idk if these helped, but they surely were beautiful. My bf took pictures of them.

Oh colorful medicines.

We kinda got into a bursting argument about this burning fingers situation as well. Stupid stupid cherry peppers!!!! But we made up. And I always think we are closer after arguments, so I guess it's good. ...I still wanna eat more of those cute spicy cherry peppers...-_-
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Monday, September 27, 2010

You have been the one.

- brunch ?: pita stuffed with steaks and veggies. With yellow mustard!

Mocha before intense vinyasa flow.

Breakfast food for dinner. @Perkins

Yoga gives me soreee but I love it so much. It's really the best thing for your Body. :) yoga studios in my town celebrated peace this weekend and raised money for big brothers and big sisters org for centre county with free classes. I got to experience a lot of chanting, nice free classes, and very intriguing yoga subculture in my town. As foreign as they are, I love them a lot! I also won a free 60mins massage therapy that is 70$ worth by buying a 5$ raffle ticket.. sooo...yay ! :)

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Friday lunch: leftover chinese food. You can tell by Box shaped rice. :b

Beautiful raspberries from farmers market. I ate them w/ cottage cheese.

Vanilla latte.

Steak wrap and salsa for dinner.

Saturday was 2year anniversary of me an my bf. He got me these beautiful cala lilies. I remember being so excited, running around the apartment yelling flowers.. haha


Brunch? Was vegan mango+peach cereal with vanilla soy milk. Garlic kuns are just there. Always.

Making salad for dinner ..:)

My salad mix from farmers market had beautiful edible flowers. :)

Salad and frozen pizza for dinner.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chinese for dinner?

Breakfast: an over medium fried egg, two strips of bacons, two pancakes with glazed strawberries and whipped cream on top. + 2 cups of coffee

Lunch: skipped. I had a bar of milk dove chocolate. A half cup of decaf brewed coffee.

Dinner was Chinese. Big bowl of chicken noodle soup. Two crab rangoons. Few spoons of rice and few pieces of chicken with black bean sauce.

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Kinda like me and you and everyone we know.

My feet.

YouTube Video

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sick day

I slept in today cuz I'm feeling sicky. Ahh. I hate being sick when I have a lot to do!! I had Korean chicken soup for lunch. Korean soulfood- totally makes me feel better. Only if it was a real 삼계탕!

Bf made me a dinner. He usually doesn't like it when I give him direction about how to cook, but this time he actually wanted direction. I didn't understand. But whatever. It was well made and I LOVED it. :)

My body hurted too much and I couldn't fall asleep. I had left over spaghettis with my left over green curry while watching tv late at night.

I also had a big cup of hot tea with a lemon in it. And a bar of Frozen yogurt ice cream Jala. And a bit of fruit with cottage cheese. I also had tall iced caramel latte and 16 oz soy vanilla latte. Oh also a piece of dark chocolate Obviously these are not eaten all at once .. These are snacks eaten throughout the day.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Increased carb intake.

Breakfast: two over medium eggs, two strips of bacons, and two buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. :3
An old friend came in town today.. And she was lovely enough to come early so she can have breakfast with me. This is called "mini platter" in waffle shop. How's this mini??! I love this breakfast place cuz it's cheap, serves awesome nerve awakening coffee, and has the best waffle/pancakes ever. It's impossible to have a seat in this restaurant during weekend cuz everyone visiting the town form long lines out to all three waffle shops even when they only take cash. :o

This is my cool friend.
She is way hotter when she's not being silly.

She also gave me a random candy for dessert. Too sweet for me, I had to spit it out in front of her.

Lunch was portobello mushroom sandwich on honey wheat bread. It had mustard, cheddar, asparagus. I'm not vegetarian but I find vegetarian dishes to be very delightful and often hearty!! Sadly asparagus for this sandwich weren't as crisp as I wanted them to be.. But the combination of mustard, portobello, and cheddar was heaven!

Dinner: green curry with chicken. I did wanna cook but I was way too busy to cook.

After bf's night class we went out with mr.bear to find some food and snacks and tea.

Dessert: frozen vanilla yogurt bar with blueberry swirl "Jala!" my bf discovered this delightful dessert for me and i'm so happy to be able to eat frozen yogurt in my apartment!

I then had two large cups of tea.. Which was combination of throat comfort, eater's digest, immune support, and bedtime. I've been sick since weekend...I hate this headache and sore throat..D:
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Monday, September 20, 2010


Breakfast: wegmans yogurt parfait

Roast beef sandwich for lunch. I watched Love and Death by woody Allen , and I loved it so much!!!!! Everyone should watch this movie in the weekend and laugh out loud.

Veggie shot while watching love and death. This is probably my favorite veggie juice. Very powerful fiber as well...

I made some more chopped green salad, and made parmesan chicken with prosciutto and thyme on top. These are Jamie Oliver's recipe. LOVE LOVE LOVE those thyme!!! Organic chicken is so much better but it's really really expensive compared to chickens raised in cage without beak and antibiotics. Ahh cheapness is so tempting!!!

10 days till gre. Fml!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's a tiny tiny world !

Grilled chicken sandwich with pesto mayo + iced white choco mocha from Starbucks for lunch. Obviously sandwich was not pictured. :b

Snack: mixed fruit and cottage cheese. Bleh, watermelon doesn't go well with cottage cheese! Others were good.

Chopped green salad! It feels so good to coMixed lettuce and basil, tomatoes from farmers market were fantastic. I thought it's kinda silly to put chopped string cheese in it, but whatever! They tasted good in the salad. :) I did chew some rocky stuff while I was eating salad...farmers market veggies seem to need some serious washing before they're served. But other than that, I love my greens. :]
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

tummy control

Late Lunch: ramen noodle vegetable dumplings in it.

This has to end. I'm so sick of food that are not made by me. They're acidic, depressing, fattening, and mortifying. I've been obsessively watching Jamie Oliver's ministry of food podcasts everyday before I go to bed. I wanna cook SO BAD.

I am so unfocused these days, because I literally have way too many things in my mind. I'm going major hyperthyroidism freaky and doing bits and pieces of every things that need to be done in my head. so I seem to end up with really exhausted days that are relatively not that productive. I need to plan things out in a better way.. and I need to improve my English sentences.. :(

Even now, I have this compulsive urge to type vocabs that are left in my head. like proliferate: increasing in amount, hale: sanguine, healthy panegyric: homage, eulogy: type of speech, usually for praise/ despondent: really discouraged/ cabal: a group of conspirators.. / tawdry: cheap, low / uncanny: beyond ordinary, timeworn: commonplace, tenable: defendable , effete: exhausted in vigor, trenchant: incisive, keen

I am so upset I can't type anymore. and I am livid (yeah) that I have to do stupid time consuming school hws not GRE..

My status in GRE world is so incipient, it's not even funny...... but I still wanna go to grad school.. ahh.. :(

I had a bit of strawberry waffle and big omlette for breakfast, and I had seared duck salad / cheese fries for dinner.

<3 June

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Breakfast: cereal with vanilla soy milk. A peach.

I also had tall iced later after 8 am class.

Hot chocolate from eat and park.

And too sweet banana French toast.

I have a worst headache. Waiting for my ibuprofen to work... I'm making flashcards for psych gre. It's fun I guess. Yay life.

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