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Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello there.
Sorry I skipped yesterday. I had the worst day, ended up crying a little. I'm not attached to my blog enough to write when I'm crying. So yeah. Here is today's breakfast.

Starbucks Raspberry scone left over from last night. Scones taste quite buttery to me, and thats what I like about them. It's probably "to avoid" list of breads if you're on low carb diet. But umm did I tell you I was depressed? Yeah. Back off.

I also had a blueberry cheesecake yogurt and a cup of think O2 tea. This was supposed to enhance my mental performance..but I doubt it. I'll drink more tomorrow before my Japanese test and determine if it works or not.

I had tunamelt sandwich from diner for lunch. But didn't take a picture of it. Ahh. I had a lot of carb and sugar today. But did I tell you that I'm depressed? Yeah. Back off.
That's why I had a big cup of hot fucking chocolate.

I also skipped a picture of dinner. Sorry about that. I keep forgetting. I had a seven inch hot Italian sausage sub smothered in peppers and onions. The sausage was dry and there was no cheese in it. How dare they serve me dry sausage when I'm ovulating+depressed+cranky+pmsing?????? It's ok though. They gave me fabulous garden salad with oil and vinegar. And that made my dinner better. Then I had two glasses of this lovely wine made by Penn state alumni.
Let me show you a better pic of this wine.

Evergreen Valley. They use self generated electricity, and only use recycled paper for their labels. The Penn state grad does know how to go green, how to make decent wine, and how to partay.

I then watched Austrailia on HBO and ate a dark chocolate mousse,

And some of amazing Hagen daz frozen yogurt ice cream.

Ahhh. Frozen yogurt is the best kind of ice cream. Had live culture and calcium added to it..this is definitely the kind made for pmsing women. :b

Now. Baz Luhrman's Australia. I love Australia. I've been there, and it was one of the most beautiful place on earth. And I envy everyone who lives there. And I love Hugh Jackman. Because he is very good looking and has charming voice. I love Nicole Kidman even more. And I did love faces of natives in this movie.the Movie really did try to capture essence of australia's past and future, and I think it did well. I just thought the love story and everything was too "out of Africa-ish," and predictable, and I didn't have to pay attention to it at all. It was just comical at first when Kidman was having culture shock in wild Australia, and it was quite hot couple to look at the bed scene. But that was about it. Wasn't too inspiring. Well but i liked everything Kidman wore in that movie.

And the actors were good looking.

I like Nicole Kidman. She is beautiful, elegant, and she seem hard working whenever she's acting.

So yeah. Tonight was quite alright. Not too depressed anymore. If my mom doesn't call me tomorrow I'll be ok for a little bit.

Oh by the way, Dana Marcolina is back on runway.

Isn't she lovely? She's also a beautiful hard working woman.

Well thanks for reading, have a good night.
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