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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Increased carb intake.

Breakfast: two over medium eggs, two strips of bacons, and two buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. :3
An old friend came in town today.. And she was lovely enough to come early so she can have breakfast with me. This is called "mini platter" in waffle shop. How's this mini??! I love this breakfast place cuz it's cheap, serves awesome nerve awakening coffee, and has the best waffle/pancakes ever. It's impossible to have a seat in this restaurant during weekend cuz everyone visiting the town form long lines out to all three waffle shops even when they only take cash. :o

This is my cool friend.
She is way hotter when she's not being silly.

She also gave me a random candy for dessert. Too sweet for me, I had to spit it out in front of her.

Lunch was portobello mushroom sandwich on honey wheat bread. It had mustard, cheddar, asparagus. I'm not vegetarian but I find vegetarian dishes to be very delightful and often hearty!! Sadly asparagus for this sandwich weren't as crisp as I wanted them to be.. But the combination of mustard, portobello, and cheddar was heaven!

Dinner: green curry with chicken. I did wanna cook but I was way too busy to cook.

After bf's night class we went out with mr.bear to find some food and snacks and tea.

Dessert: frozen vanilla yogurt bar with blueberry swirl "Jala!" my bf discovered this delightful dessert for me and i'm so happy to be able to eat frozen yogurt in my apartment!

I then had two large cups of tea.. Which was combination of throat comfort, eater's digest, immune support, and bedtime. I've been sick since weekend...I hate this headache and sore throat..D:
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