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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sorry. Another lazy weekend syndrome.. But here is my yesterday.

Had a dark chocolate mousse and blueberry cheesecake yogurt. For brunch munch.
I also had hummus and crackers from the day before.

Later that day my bf bought me a nice dinner...

I had a warm spinach salad with grilled chicken on top :)

He had an Italian Stromboli. We had a good dinner. :)

There's a cool vintage store called Rag & Bone next to the restaurant we ate. It was the store's 15th bday and it looked so pretty under the nice evening sunlight.

Right to the mirror, there is a coolest looking ashtray! I always wanted it but I don't smoke and I hate cigarettes. :( wish I had a reason to have it though.. Haha

They also had lovely looking bday treats..I had one of the mini cupcake with pink icing. Too sweet for my taste, but it was only a bite size anyway.

Then I had a grande iced mocha in Starbucks.

I was taking practice test for psych gre. And my bf wrote this on my notebook. He is cute. Cant blame him for distracting me.
Sorry about vertical photos.. I'm too lazy to rotate them on my Photoshop app.... Ah. I better change my lifestyle now. I have to somehow get out of this lazy mess.

If anyone is reading this. Do you know how I can display my photos bigger?? Without making the whole picture blurry? Wish someone could tell me.

Late night dinner: pizza with pineapples and ham toppings. But no picture, sorry.
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  1. You have to upload your photos to a photo sharing site like Photobucket and then paste the html code into your entry.