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Monday, September 27, 2010

You have been the one.

- brunch ?: pita stuffed with steaks and veggies. With yellow mustard!

Mocha before intense vinyasa flow.

Breakfast food for dinner. @Perkins

Yoga gives me soreee but I love it so much. It's really the best thing for your Body. :) yoga studios in my town celebrated peace this weekend and raised money for big brothers and big sisters org for centre county with free classes. I got to experience a lot of chanting, nice free classes, and very intriguing yoga subculture in my town. As foreign as they are, I love them a lot! I also won a free 60mins massage therapy that is 70$ worth by buying a 5$ raffle ticket.. sooo...yay ! :)

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  1. I love yoga, too. Actually, I think I'm more in love with my yoga instructor than the class itself. She is soft spoken and always encourging! And yay for winning the massage coupon. That's awesome. I just had one today after work. Good stuff.

  2. makes me get even more excited!!!! I've been typing way too much these days and have been dealing with piercing wrist and shoulder pains!! :(