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Monday, September 6, 2010

New beginning

I decided to start writing on my food blog again. It is important to be conscious with what I'm eating..and plus! I got an iPhone 4..hahaha
I stopped writing on my blog only because I hated my pictures from iPhone 3G. Since my contact was almost done, I was waiting to get a new iPhone with WAY better camera so I can put up more visually pleasing pictures. :)

So this was my breakfast today. (spring mix and shrimp salad with shredded carrots, pecans, mozzarella balls, edamames, and other cool veggies with pomegranate+acai berry dressing.) this was more of a brunch..or really late lunch.. Cuz I ate this at 3:30 pm. -_- I tend to have extremely weird schedule during the weekend. I go to bed after 4am and wake up after 1 pm. It's healthy if I manage to eat before 5. Hopefully I won't go that extreme this semester. :b they also gave me a small cup of tomato cheddar soup for free. With a small roll. I gave up the roll for my bf but it was plenty anyways.

My second meal was a cup of good old sam yang ramen noodle. I forgot to take a picture so here is a nice image from google. I didn't eat ramen for about a month..especially ramen in paper cup- that has been years. It's not good for you, I don't like it, but once in a while- when you get sick of cheesy buttery meh American food. Ramen does bring me back to spicy nature of Korean in me ;)
I had really late dinner around 11 pm. It was a salad from wegmans, which had toppings of seasoned tofus, toasted nuts, olives, grape tomatoes. This was ok- salad but dressing tasted very buttery. I had to stop eating at some point cuz I felt like throwing up. :(

New semester is not that great. I have no volunteer works or lab works this semester. Only grad school applications, gres, begging profs for recommendations, and fighting with my mom constantly. I bought pretty little "rose bowl" nail color from AA and guess what. It was broken and left a huge mess on my hands. They can't even send me a new one cuz they ran out of this color!!! I had to settle with this whiteish "California trooper" color instead. :/ I'm still sucker for American apparel though. Couldn't even be mad at customer service girl.

Ahhh!!!! How do I sleep and wake up for 8 am!!!!!!!
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