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Thursday, September 16, 2010

tummy control

Late Lunch: ramen noodle vegetable dumplings in it.

This has to end. I'm so sick of food that are not made by me. They're acidic, depressing, fattening, and mortifying. I've been obsessively watching Jamie Oliver's ministry of food podcasts everyday before I go to bed. I wanna cook SO BAD.

I am so unfocused these days, because I literally have way too many things in my mind. I'm going major hyperthyroidism freaky and doing bits and pieces of every things that need to be done in my head. so I seem to end up with really exhausted days that are relatively not that productive. I need to plan things out in a better way.. and I need to improve my English sentences.. :(

Even now, I have this compulsive urge to type vocabs that are left in my head. like proliferate: increasing in amount, hale: sanguine, healthy panegyric: homage, eulogy: type of speech, usually for praise/ despondent: really discouraged/ cabal: a group of conspirators.. / tawdry: cheap, low / uncanny: beyond ordinary, timeworn: commonplace, tenable: defendable , effete: exhausted in vigor, trenchant: incisive, keen

I am so upset I can't type anymore. and I am livid (yeah) that I have to do stupid time consuming school hws not GRE..

My status in GRE world is so incipient, it's not even funny...... but I still wanna go to grad school.. ahh.. :(

I had a bit of strawberry waffle and big omlette for breakfast, and I had seared duck salad / cheese fries for dinner.

<3 June

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