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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sick day

I slept in today cuz I'm feeling sicky. Ahh. I hate being sick when I have a lot to do!! I had Korean chicken soup for lunch. Korean soulfood- totally makes me feel better. Only if it was a real 삼계탕!

Bf made me a dinner. He usually doesn't like it when I give him direction about how to cook, but this time he actually wanted direction. I didn't understand. But whatever. It was well made and I LOVED it. :)

My body hurted too much and I couldn't fall asleep. I had left over spaghettis with my left over green curry while watching tv late at night.

I also had a big cup of hot tea with a lemon in it. And a bar of Frozen yogurt ice cream Jala. And a bit of fruit with cottage cheese. I also had tall iced caramel latte and 16 oz soy vanilla latte. Oh also a piece of dark chocolate Obviously these are not eaten all at once .. These are snacks eaten throughout the day.
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