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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short term memory loss

Hello there.
I forgot to take pictures of my foods for the most time today. :( I'll make sure I do this better tomorrow. I still need to get used to it you know.

Well I had 8am class today, and I had half a glass of bad iced lattee during class. Then I had a glass of iced chai lattee with wegmans yogurt parfait with strawberries and blueberries. It came with good amount of granola, but I didn't eat those.

Then I had a turkey sonoma sandwich on honey wheat bread at Irving's. It's a sandwich with Turkey, guacamole spread, veggies and cheese and I ate this without it's top bread.

In the afternoon, I got hungry so I had some of black bean soup from wegmans. They make really good black bean soup!! I was impressed. But it was seriously filling and I had to leave some. Probably 1/4 of it. And this, I took a picture. :)

Anyone knows how to upload pictures in bigger size with right resolution? I tried to mess with HTML and size of my pictures..but it only blew them up and made them look ugly. I mean of course ppl can click on them and see the picture..but who would?? I wanna make them show as a decent size and I somehow can't find a way to do it. I'll figure it out somehow.

Anyway after this I had quiznos classic Cobb salad. They were supposed to have hard boiled eggs for toppings but this didn't have them. I got it for free so I guess I won't complain about it. I didn't use their ranch dressing because I'm sick of creamy buttery flavors. Just sick of it. I put my ev olive oil and white wine vinegar. And put a little bit of avocado ranch at the end.

I also had a cup of "think o2" tea while I was doing hws. I hate my schedule this semester. They have so many annoying time consuming homeworks and I always end up using all my times doing stupid things that's not gonna help me in grad school. Gre is coming in three fucking weeks and I didn't even start studying yet. I really don't think I'm gonna get in anywhere good. I've never seen my plans falling apart this well before. Oh and of course seeing my family being the main reason of my failure. Wow. Really didn't see that coming. Didn't see that coming...

I also had two part skim mozzarella string cheese.

Ah. I wanna cook so bad. I wish I have servants for organizing and doing stupid hws.

I think I need to start sleeping maximum five hours to achieve everything I need to. Starting..day after tomorrow. ...yeah.
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