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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last night, I studied organic chemistry till 3 or so. I had half of each of these chocolates.
I also had these rice crackers, and I had half a spoon of peanut butter..and two crackers filled with chocolate.
mmm pain killers for my headache. This lasted all day today too. UGH so sick of it.
I went to beautiful saints for brunch.
and had a slice of cheese cake and 16oz single shot vanilla soy lattee.
My bf sent me this pretty picture. :) His iphone def takes better BETTER picture.
and I took these pictures in the evening...

They are beautiful even when they're dead
kimchi udon for dinner. I also threw some rice cakes in it. :)
And I just had an italian baguette sandwich for dinner.

I probably should study for tomorrow's kanji quiz... but I am just too tired...damn.

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