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Friday, April 9, 2010

Very very long week.

hi everyone. It's been a while. :) I've had a very very long, tiring week. UGH. I'm exhauseted, and of course I'm feeling quite sick today :( I'm gonna post pictures of things I ate throughout the week. I forgot to take some pictures, but I did my best to still keep my eye on stuff I eat while I'm busy.

now the picture above shows what I ate on Monday for brunch. Iced tea, grilled chicken wrap w/honey mustard and waffle fries from chick file.
This is a picture from Tuesday. I tried out this new balckberry essence water "hint" from starbucks. LOVE IT! I'm so used to sugary vitamin water loaded with flavor, this water with just a hint of blackberry scent was very refreshing and delightful. I'd like to have this often this summer.
Tuesday lunch was pita stuffed with buffalo chicken and veges+pineapple. and of course.. I had a bottle of vitamin water rescue.
This was Wednesday.. My lovely friend kindly brought me some food right before the test. She is so thoughtful!!!! I had half of the salad and PB&J sandwich.
I had an avocado after the test.
and what is this.. I think this is from Tuesday. No actually.. this must be Monday. It is spicy, chewy, Korean noodle that I crave for in hot weather. It's called chol myun (sp?) 쫄면. My bf took a first bite, and he could not cut it with his teeth LOL. I still remember his face, which looked very terrifed from this weird chewy noodle in his mouth hahaha. I cut them short with scissors for him. ;)
This is Monday night.. I had a bowl of instant miso soup. This was my dinner. I also boiled some fish cake (odeng, 오뎅/어묵) and had some of them for dinner. I had them the next day evening for dinner too. I ate really weird this week. Most of my dinner was just a bowl of some soup, some fish cake, and some avocados, and some easter ham leftovers. I mostly ate them little by little throughout the week.
Maybe this is Wednesday brunch... Yes. I'm sure this is WEdnesday. Brocolli cream soup, unsweetened iced tea, salad, fruit+nuts w/ cottage cheese. This was A LOT. but this was a LONG day.. since I had Japanese speech and ochem test.. ahh..
Thursday lunch. 12 nuggets from chick fillet and salad. you can tell that I had lunch on campus at same place, pretty much same thing everyday this week. I don't mind because I love their salad bar. It's just a little pricy. :( Thursday was a long day as well. I had a class and work back to back. I worked from 9 to 6:30 in the evening..
beautiful spring mix salad I had w/ nuggets.
This is today's lunch. small roll and clam chowder soup. I also had the same salad I had on Thursday.
I also had an apple. A lot of hot tea.. since I was sick.
and some easter chocolates...to ease my PMS..
Dinner was store bought sushi and canned clam chowder soup.

this was ridiculously and dreadfully exhausting week. I don't ever wanna have a week like this..but it seems like my life is going to be this way for a while. :( you can tell that I never had time to cook or whatever..

i really need extremely restful weekend, but I don't think I can have it. :( I have way too many things to study. :( hope your weekend is great ;)

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