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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Immediate Family

Saturday. I finally did some dishes.. but all this effort didn't mean anything because I cooked right after doing these dishes. so.... the sink is loaded with dirty dishes again. :(

eh, but whatever. I cooked something fun and nice for myself so it's all good. I made riceballs inarizushi that is quite koreanized. It is stuffed with kimchi, crab meat, and some ground turkey. I also made some miso soup that has fish sausage+tofu. I had some of these with avocado slices. :)

and... I went out for nice indian dinner with two of my friends. It was great! I had Malai Kofta, with coconut nans and rice. mmmmm I LOVE MALAI KOFTA!!!!! it is definately one of my very favorite indian dish.

I also had unsweetened grande iced green tea from starbucks after this.. and had a pear, red wine, and some Meiji gummy choco (strawberry). I also had three of jelly beans.. and one easter nestle chocolate.

I really really really wanna bake some chocolate strawberry cupcake.. but I am sick and lazy. :(
hopefully I'll pull myself up and do some baking tomorrow. :]


  1. So did you end up baking the choco cupcake?

  2. oh yes yes. let me post some pictures. i'm behind on posts!!!

  3. yes, you are very behind! :-)
    hope you had a good wknd.