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Saturday, April 3, 2010

hop hop hop

This was my easter breakfast. A bottle of Austrian beer Stiegl (50%lemon soda+50% beer) and a smal bag of hunny grahams chocolate chip. FALSE!!!!! This WAS NOT my breakfast. this is actually from last night.. I wanted to confess on my blog that I had some extra calorie last night. haha..
This! actually was my breakfast. two blueberry pancakes w/ maple syrup and two hard boiled eggs. and a cup of orange juice.
After breakfast we went to this auction place to take a look at some antiques. We didn't buy anything. I heard it was all scammish.. but I did get to see some beautiful Chagalls.. and picasso and matisse as well. AWESOME. do you love Chagall? I DO. I think his paintings are so enchanting and unique. And his BLUE, the way he used his BLUE.... it always makes me speechless.

The picture of my feet is taken outside the house where the auction was going on. It was actually interesting to see all the fancy caucasian elderlies getting excited in auction and young latinos working to set up the event. America. I really don't know all of it yet, do i?

This is one of the beautiful paintings by Chagall.. I know he has more famous and stunning works, but I wanted to show you something that touched me.

I had lunch at THE ORIGINAL Ruby Tuesday's.. which had vintage diner decors and menus- but I don't have pictures with me at this point. My phone was dead, and I took a picture with my bf's dad's phone w/ all these special effects from the new app he was introducing me. I'll post them up sooner or later.

I had a caliente burger (special toppings: guacamole, fresh salsa, halapenos) and a side of salad w/ italian dressing. an onion ring, and some fries i stole from my bf and his mom. :b

Ta-da! did i tell you that this is my VERY FIRST Easter experience?!!! This is the beautiful set-up for EGG PAINTINGGGGG roarrrr
As we were getting mad focused on egg painting, scruffy showed up. He must have been very curious.. or he probably thought we are eating something.. haha
scruffy attentively observed the egg painting..:)

Any favorite??? :] or can you guess which ones are mine???? hehe
The Dinner: side of grilled sweet potatoes and zuchinnis.. and some steaks. It surely was beefy diet today, but I didn't mind cuz I haven't eaten steak for a longgg time.
Of course scruffy showed up, and stared at his mommy until he gets some stuff to nibble.
This is him getting intolerent, and visibly desperate..lol
After dinner, I had a mini whole grain Newton fig cake
And a bowl of vanilla icecream w/ cherries+chocolate swirled crackers+whipped cream on top. This ice cream was MASSIVE. and it made me full after eating them. yummm

bf's parents told me about easter bunny that's gonna come tonight and hide stuff around the house. they also said it's very painful to clean all the poops bunny left after wandering around the house... sounds awfully creepy but I have faith in this bunny!

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  1. Chagall paintings are definitely enchanting. :-) Hmmm...maybe I'll check out SF MOMA this week. Thanks for the idea!