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Monday, April 5, 2010

the chocolate bunny day (04/04/2010)

I had this last night... and I figured I should post this up on my blog as well. I got so hungry at night, (probably because I was up till 3 or whatever.) so I ate this and watched the big bang theory before going to bed. I LOVE THAT SHOW!

This. actually was my brunch on Sunday. Strawberries, cream cheese coffee cake, and a glass of iced tea. :) Iced tea tastes so good in warm sunny days <3 Oh, and I also had a cup of coffee and a cup of vanilla yogurt. caffeineeeeeeee :]
Easter dinner. hams, green beans, and mashed potatoes. I had some more hams :b
The super cute easter table decoration :) <3
and truffles took a long nap next to me while I was eating.
I then had a half of this midnight tuffles blizzard from DQ. and had some hard boiled easter eggs at night. probably two of them.
MEET PETUNZY!!!!!!!!! I made him!!! and decorated his tshirt!!! :D AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
I LOVE EASTER!!!!! :D!!!!!

and you. ;)


  1. 녹지마ㅠ 네가 녹아내리면 내가 너무 슬퍼져ㅠ

  2. I sorta was. I went to my boyfriend's home for easter weekend. :)