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Monday, April 26, 2010

Epic Epic Revolution

Hello Everyone.
It's been cloudy+rainy+ugly today, and I have seriously bad headache. UGH I don't know how it started. These days my jaw has been hurting a lot too. My tmj problem is often causing my jaw to be dislocated out of nowhere, and it is very very annoying me. :( But whatever, I just shuved a chocolate chip cookie in my mouth and ran to my Japanese class to start the day. Not the best breakfast, but hey..that was one simplest thing I could put in my mouth for my brain to function.My massive lunch.. I threw away a lot of it. I feel terrible about wasting the food, but I just could not eat this. Sbarro makes pretty disgusting food. Even those cooked vegetables were SOAKED in oil oil oil and oil. I love good amount of oil used for my vegetable. But not the PUDDLE of them. Vegetables literally tasted like sponges shooting oils and crap in my mouth.
This is how much I threw away. -_-

I stir fried chicken breast+kimchi+red onions+garlic for dinner and ate it with white rice. I also had spring mix+herb mix and a tomatoes w/ EV olive oil+white wine vinegar+lemon juice. It was great dinner!!

Of course I had a half a glass of iced coffee in between classes. Sorry about not too many visual aids.. I was too starved to care about taking pictures for dinner. :b

Today I sat around and watched entire episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I know I have to study ochem today for sure, but I could not resist. I love this guy, and what he is doing for the kids. Not the kids in US just the KIDS. I really don't think people should perceive this as some random British guy coming into America to embarass the country. He isn't coming here as a British guy. He is VERY British, but he is coming here as a person who has some great ideas and passion about feeding healthy food to kids. Plus, he's successfully made some major changes in his home country. Why are we giving him evil eyes or ignoring this??? I think EVERYONE in US should care about what he's doing, and get involved in this wonderful campaign. Watch these episodes in abc.com! I know this IS a TV show, but it is a TV show that tells stories about real people in Huntington City who are suffering from health issues caused by obesity. If you are not alarmed by watching some of these episodes, then I really don't know what else could alarm you to bring some good changes in your life. Episode 3 just hit me and made me cry for some kids in the episodes who were victims of their food culture. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. AT LEAST ONE EPISODE. Even if you don't give a crap about the issue, just watch what this guy is doing just to pursue what he belives in. Just see how ambitious this person is, and how daunting he is for his faith. I do think some of the tension episodes in the show are exaggerated for entertainment and attention reasons, hey, but this project needs all that. Just pay a little attention to this show, and peek around the website. Maybe watch a preview of some episodes if you really don't have time. AND SIGN THE PETITION FOR FOOD REVOLUTION TO GO AROUND THE ENTIRE NATION, tell your friends and family about it. This, is the change you really want, and you really NEED. click the image. for the children, for the future.

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