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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hoppin down the road

Not so many pics today. I went to Indian restaurant lunch buffet w/ my friends, but I totally forgot to take pics cuz i was busy slating my thirst for curry. (gross?)

Btw, slate is vocab of the day from dictionary.com. Synonyms are satisfy and quench. And it's used for thirst. ..hope my description is understandable. :b

And...we came to my bf's home for chocolate bunny day :)

I ate half a piccolo bread on my way home. I love nibbling good hard crust baguette.

We also stopped at sonic for dinner. I had this disgusting chicken club sandwich, which was soaked in butter and mayo. UGH. never having that from sonics again. EWWWWW

and I had some Easter jelly beans hehe ;)

Happy Easter guys!! :D

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