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Sunday, April 25, 2010

....hi! :)

Long time no see my friends. Yes, I have been very lazy on posting..but I was busy!!! and sick time to times :( but I did take some pictures time to time that celebrates my food and THE SPRING. :] Don't you love this season?! Spring is my absolute favorite. Beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, and the floral scented breeze :) No matter how stressed I am, this season puts smile on my face. :) :) :) And it is the beautiful weather for polaroids too!!!! I didn't have much time to go out with my camera, but I can't wait for my final to be over- so I'll be able to go out with my sx-70 <3
Let me still show you some photos :3 This is riceball mixed with stir fried kimchi+crab meat+ground turkey. some are stuffed in yubu. (fried tofu) The one on the right is miso soup with fish sausage and tofu inside.
pulled pork+cheese+rice+seasoned seaweed on top.

Sandwich made in Rosemary roll. (red leaf lettuce+ham+turkey+provolone+white wine vinegar+EV olive oil) and a bowl of miso soup. (fishcake+tofu)

Omlet (tomatoes+red onions+pepperonis+mozzarella cheese) and miso soup. (tofu+fishcake+seaweed)
chocolate strawberry cupcake. :) (Does anyone know how to make icing firmer??? my icings always turn out to be very liquidy. :( )
깐풍기+해물파전. :] (spicy chicken and seafood pancake)

spicy tuna rolls at panda express. I risk my life when I eat this...I have no idea if they take care of their raw fish safely or not.
Random salad mix. I could not finish this at all. I went overzealous...haha

Strawberry waffle and an over easy egg :)
a side of home fries. :)
Tofu+vegetables on fried rice. and a chicken egg roll :)

Pomegranate long island iced tea..
fries+buffalo chicken cheesesteak. :)
a glass of spring :)
Free breakfast at workshop. cinammon bagle w/cream cheese + berry muffins + orange juice.
free lunch! nice roast beef wrap+turkey wrap+potatoes.. and two cookies..:)
steamed dumplings at korean restaurant.
Boo-dae jungol. :)

a cup of fruit and dark cherry mocha at starbucks. I think dark cherry mocha is better in frapuccino.
a cup of fruit at eat n'park.
hash brown+ a bagle sandwich (bacon+egg+american cheese)
nacho grande lunch w/ my friend.

I had coffee almost everyday recently. Seems like I'm getting back on my caffeine addiction...:(
stir-fried kimchi+chicken breast over rice. raw tofu+tomatoes garnished with white wine vinegar+EV olive oil+italian herbs.
a slice of potato pancake made by my friend. :)
a glass of apple juice. :)
gyro omlet+rye toasts+home fries. check out my bf's HUGE CHILLI MAC!!! I left toasts.

I'm sure I'm missing some pictures... but I'm sure these pictures will sum up my weeks well. :)
This week is going to be the last week of classes...then I'm done with stupid stupid organic chemistry class!!!!! I don't ever have to care about it ever again!!! (really?)

After ignoring my food report blog for two weeks or so, I realized how important it is for me to post foods online. Chances of me overeating to fill my void with food is way lower when I post stuff I eat online!!!! I definately spend more time reflecting on choices I make on foods when I post these. It's not like I'm harsh and strict on regulating my diet, but I at least control amount of sugar I take .... or whatever..

I need this blog, and I'm back on posting everyday. yay! :D

hope you enjoy my non-food photos as well. :)


  1. Panda Express has sushi??!

  2. yes... On our university campus they do. They have a separate store for it, but they are from same company. "Panda Express." They're quite gross..I won't recommend it.