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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm a gallery of broken heart 03/15/2010

woke up feeling extremely tired. I had to force myself out of the bed because I had a kanji quiz this morning. I woke up at the last minute, and this little box o' juice was my breakfast. I had another box o' juice while I was studying in the evening.
After the class I felt severe hunger, and I had a lunch at thai restaurant, (called cozy thai) with my friend. I had stir fried chicken+vegetables with white rice.
And I also had some of my friend's panang curry. This was so good. And I also had a little bubblegum lollipop from this restaurant. no picture.

I was studying organic chemistry in the evening, and I had a roasted black bean+assorted grain powder (검은콩미숫가루) with vanilla almond milk, and a lollipop (sour apple).
I decided to take a break from organic chemistry almost around at 10, and finally had a very late dinner. I had seven pieces of buffalo wings and two celery sticks with ranch dip.
And I had some of these brocolli cheese rice. This really wasn't that great. I wish I bought mac and cheese instead.

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