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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A flower for you. 03/09/2010

I have no idea why I can't rotate these photos.. I purposely rotated them before uploading them on the blog but it still doesn't work. This is so weird because this worked the day before yesterday. I am getting mad at my shitty iphone 3g camera and my lack of ability to use blogger. but whatever, there it is. My breakfast was a box of juice and some huge strawberries my friend brought me.
Then I went to KOP with my friend, and I had a can of green tea and some of that chicken katsudon+some of that salmon salad. I also got some of my friend's chinese food.. which was sesame chicken I'm pretty sure. Katsudon is chicken or pork cutlet over rice, with sauce and egg+vegetable.
Then I had vegetarian pizza for dinner. I had four slices of these. I should have stopped at three. My bf got all uptight? nervous? annoyed? cuz I was eating the fourth slice when we had to rush for LOST. LOST is some absolute priority. and eating fourth slice of pizza is never a good choice. even if the pizza is small. so... I regret this.
At night, my boyfriend made me a "flower," which was peanut butter+honey+coffee on a bread and banana slices. He is so quirky and creative, and he is also very sweet bf who spoils me this way.
The "flower" made me so happy and hungry (AHHHHH) and I had thin chocolate chip cookies with whipped cream and some sourdough pretzels. ...yeah.. this was bad. considering that I had a bottle of SAM ADAMS while I was watching LOST.. I totally failed this day.

but it's spring break. and.. and.. it's ok. I'll eat healthy when I go back to school.


I'm ok.

*cough cough*

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  1. 앞부분 읽으면서, 아 '냠'이란건 다 부질없는 짓인가...역시 블로그는...하다가
    back to the happy food story
    에서 퐝 터짐