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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm getting the hell out of this island. (03/16/2010)

Breakfast: an orange, apple juice, and a bowl of corn flakes with vanilla almond milk.
I had a cup of hot chocolate while I was studying. I had a long morning..
I had a ground beef+vegetables in tomato basil wrap, and had salsa + chips at work. Oh, and I also had a small blueberry lollipop for appetizer (?)

I was so tired of studying organic chemistry and Japanese from early in the morning, I had to stop by at Saint's to get a cup of coffee. Look how beautiful this cafe is! I think those huge cherry flower branches they had in store looked very beautiful in sunlight. Their coffee isn't completely my type...but I always adjust a little bit and make it taste like mine :)
And they also always make my lattees beautiful. These little things light up my days. This was vanilla soy lattee. I usually make it single shot, but I needed dopio in my lattee yesterday.
Then some little girls asked me if I wanted to buy some girl scout cookies.. so I did. Although I am never a big fan of dry hard cookies in a box, I am fan of doing stuff for little kids. I got a box of dulce de leche, and I had only one of those. I don't like hard caramel at all.
Ta-da! dinner was Korean. and I had rice cake appetizer.
And soft tofu stew w/ a bowl of white rice. I ate this so fast to watch Lost and got very sick at night. I had a bottle of ginger ale..no picture.

I have so much stuff to study for organic chemistry test today.. but I'm very proud of finishing my Japanese test this morning. yayyy.


  1. It was!!! is your first name June by any chance? Because mine is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 네 글보면서 요즘 영어공부하는 느낌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    꼬마애의 쿠키를 산거냐ㅠ 카페 진짜 이뿌다
    너 한국오면 가로수길에 이쁜카페 가보쟝

  3. 앗..볼때마다 문법실수가 보이는데 이런걸로 공부하면 미안한... 그냥 표현과 단어 정도만 공부해줘. 어디까지나 회화체이고..ㅠ 가고싶다 가로수길 이쁜 카페..

  4. 아니뭐 정독하며 판다기 보다는 ㅋㅋ 이런 회화체 자체가 내 주변엔 없으니까 (하는 공부는 회화체가 아니고) 술술 읽히는 느낌이 좋아서 좀 재밌달까
    요즘 다시 부쩍 회화공부가 하고싶어져서..

  5. Yep - my name is June too. Saw your name pop up on aixxx's blog.
    PS I heard about 가로수길 from a few friends. I'll definitely hafta check it out next time I visit my mother land.

  6. June: my first name is 준리. but I use "June" because it's more convenient. Are you born in Korea or in US? Seoul is a great place to visit!!!

  7. Hi June,
    I was born in Korea. Moved to the bay area when I was 11 (1989)....guess you can figure out my age?! ;-) My Korean name is Yoo-Jung, but ppl kept calling me Yoo-"June" so I changed my name to June!