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Monday, March 8, 2010

smile though your heart is aching.(03/08/2010)

Breakfast: OJ and vanilla yogurt with apple+apricot sauce, banana slices, and little bit of cinnamon granola.

Scruffy always wants to join someone's table for some nibble. He jumped up the table as soon as I opened this box of vanilla chocolate chip thin cookies.

I had a piece of this while grain fig cake?
bf's mom made us a happy happy chicken+turkey meatloaf :)

We had a piece of it with potatoes seasoned with lemon+butter and zucchinies.
Then I had some mango+peach smoothies.

and a bottle of sam adams and an orange, a slice of velveeta, and some popcorns.

watching National Geography's documentary on North Korea. ....heartbreaking.


  1. 아 너 정말....군것질을 많이하는 스타일이구나...

  2. 평소엔 안그런데, 이 집에만 오면...
    The thing is they have A CABINET FULL OF SNACKS.


  3. I understand that.becaus 그들은 미국인이니깐.
    그치만 정말.. 풍족하다...