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Monday, March 29, 2010

Vignette blur (03/28/2010)

Rainy sunday breakfast: a grapefruit and a bowl of yogurt+frozen strawberries+granola mix.
I actually didn't eat most of those yogurt mix. and only ate a half of grapefruit.
I went to mall to get some moisturizer and such. and I had to get a pretzel pocket filled w/ pepperonis. It actually didn't have that much of conent inside. I love philly pretzel factory wayyyyy better.
And I made some guacamole dip for dinner..

And put it in my hotdog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was experimental, but hell yeah it was successful. :)

I also had a huge bottle of vitamin water through out the day. (rescue)


  1. pepperoni-filled pretzel pockets sound like a great idea to me. Those things, I can't get in Japan.

  2. That is actually true. I've never thought about it that way. You made me happier about my usual American foodz :) see, I get overwhelmed by homesick and forget about cool things I have. :)