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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The last candle is about to burn out (03/24/2010)

My Lunch: I had an avocado with soy sauce and cherry tomatoes+celery with poppy seed dressing. They are all my favorite things! :)
Dinner: I was extremely lazy, so I ate a microwavable white rice and spicy tuna in can. The tuna is actually Korean. Korean likes to eat tuna can in many different flavor. The most popular kind is of course the spicy one flavored with red pepper. When I was little, a can of flavored tuna was always a good answer to busy moms for kids' lunch box. I always envyed it, but my mom never wanted to get me a can of pre cooked cheap food for my lunch box. She hates all the artificial flavor and preservatives, and it was a huge treat for my brother and I if she let us eat ramen noodle once in a while. As we get grow up and she gets busier, she did let us eat some frozen food and junk food, but she still hissed like a mad cat while she was getting us those food. I used to wish my mom would give me same food as other kids, but now I really like the fact that I grew up without that kind of food. My skin is beautiful even if I don't take flawless care of it, (actually I did a lot of terrible things to my skin.) and I believe there is a reason for it. Thanks mom :)
My friend got me some of these sweet chips from Korea. So I had some of these after lunch.

Dinner was chicken caesar salad from wegmans.

I ate very little compared to how much I usually eat. For some reason I was low on appetite and was craving for cold fresh crisp veges all day.

veges veges vegesss...my body is probably excited for spring!

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