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Monday, March 15, 2010

게으름 부리다 발등으로부터 시작해 온몸에 치명적 화상을 입다 (03/14/2010)

Brunch: key lime yogurt+granola mix+frozen blueberries+raspberries+honey and a cup of coffee with milk and honey.
Dinner: a glass of v8 veggiefruit juice w/a slice of orange and roast beef + vegetables + sour cream gravy over noodles
Scruffy quitely sat at the table, as if he was also being served. He usually stares at everyone and their food until he get little bites. I don't know if he got any today. I'm gonna miss this face at school!
Arrived to our place where ninjas greeted us, and I had a piece of heart reeses and berry mix juice box at night to help my acidic stomach. Oh, and I had a can of ginger ale on my way back to school. no picture.
Late night soup: I got hungry while I was studying organic chemistry, so I had a bowl of canned chicken corn chowder soup from wegmans. This is my first time trying this, and it was pretty good! I should get more of these.

Organic chemistry is not fun. I wish I already somehow knew everything about it, but I don't.

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