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Monday, March 8, 2010

Kiss me I'm Irish. (or not.) (03/06/2010)

These are scrumptious sweets called "Irish Potatoes." If you look at them in person, you'll just have to agree to me that they look just like little potatoes!! If you bite into it, you see the white flaky texture, that is just like the inside of baked potatoes. But those flakes are actually oh so delicious coconuts!!! I had 3/4 of this. And the more I eat them the more I love them....
a jelly my bf handed to me on the way to pick up my sister.. YES!! I saw my sister this day!! my little sister goes to high school in NJ, and we don't get to see each other very often. Luckily my bf's home is only 40 minutes away from her school so it has been easier for me to see her these days. Considering we might be farther apart after I get into grad school somewhere and my sister goes to some college .. I want to use this opportunity as much as possible. Hopefully I'll have many more opportunities in the future.
green tea cookies I had in my sister's dorm. I had two or three of them. They were delightful. Anything that has green tea are beautiful. Except for starbucks green tea lattee. That's not my type.
TA-DA!! My bf's parents generously took us sisters out to nice dinner.. This is family's favorite dish, BUFFALO SHIRIMP!! I had five of these. and I want more RIGHT NOW. The restaurant is generally very crowded but their foods are just great. For example,
These damn chickens are way too soft+satisfying I always end up pigging out here. I did not finish this gigantic dish though. I ate some garlic mashed potatoes and a piece of that chicken late that night. and I also did not finish those massive amount of fries.. although they're really good! Those fries are way less greasy compared to all the fast food fries I'm used to, and I love picking them up with my fingers and chewing them up nyahmnyahmnyahm!

ah, don't I love food.

Special thanks to: 4ds. Love you all!!! xoxo

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