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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms (03/13/2010)

Brunch: mixed berries+vanilla yogurt+granola mix
Again, scruffy was upset about us eating. myah!
Then he brought truffles next to him and stared at us with rage. (um...sorry?)
This was dinner. a bottle of Hop Devil (some kind of beer. tasted dark.) and 3 slices of pizza. left: white pizza with spinach+ricotta cheese/right: buffalo chickien.
Then again there was real dinner at night in front of my laptop. A small side of mac and cheese and..
as you can see, buffalo blue chicken wrap from wawa. Oh and I stole 3 or 4 of my bf's chips with my long long chopsticks. (ha!)

Spring break is leaving me. sadness.

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