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Monday, October 4, 2010


It's been a while. A lot of things happened.. I scored 210 higher on my gre verbal, and I failed my two midterms. -_- life goes on.

A day before gre exam, I got some amazing curry from Indian buffet in my town.

-think this is chicken tikka masala.

Malai kofta..but instead of kofta it had potatoes. :(

I don't remember the name of this, but I sure love this dish.. Awesome spinach :)

So this was my lunch.

And this was my dinner. I added some amazing British cheddar.

More cheddar and a slice of prosciutto.

Ate some sushi at night..

Then I aced gre the next day!!!

And I had celebration lunch at miyako on 2nd in Harrisburg. Above is miso soup and salad with ginger/carrot dressing.

My favorite salmon and mackerel sushi.

Chicken Katsu don...

Did I tell you? I love all these Japanese "dons"..

The next days breakfast. Iced coffee and blue berry muffin. I threw away the half of it. It's hard to finish a muffin after south beach diet.

And I found this cool cold chasing recipe that day from some magazine I don't remember.

Then I had this stuffed pizza with chicken and pepperoni. Ugh. This was heavy and fatty and ugh. But I ate them. Perhaps never again, or with EXTRA tomato sauce.

Some wine.

This was my Sundays dinner. Sandwich was good, but huge. I ate only half of it, and half of Mac and cheese. I also stole some of my bf's fries.

And I got these really cool pottery arts that day. Makes my kitchen super pretty, and makes my life so much better.

The store also had these cool paintings..

Today. October 4th.

I had a tall vanilla latte, some salad and Mac and cheese,chicken noodle soup for lunch.

And I made this for dinner. Chicken marinated in soy sauce and a little bit of store bought bulgogi sauce. Chicken is cooked with tomatoes and brocollis. I put extra lemon juice on mine cuz i'm sick :(

I also had two big cups of tea with lemon juice in them.

I hate being sick before test. And I also hate having to take test...

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